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Partners & Sponsers

The Maroon Jerk Fest is a community food, culture, and nature festival that markets to a national and international audience, particularly from Jamaica, the United States, Canada, England, Europe, Japan, and the Caribbean islands. The setting is Ginger House, a Maroon community perched in the Upper Rio Grande Valley area of the Blue & John Crow Mountains National Park UNESCO World Heritage Site in Portland parish. The festival venue is located 12 miles (around 35 minutes) from Port Antonio. The festival takes place during the summer on Sunday, August 11, 2024 the weekend after "Emancipendence" (Emancipation Day and Independence Day), one of Jamaica’s most festive seasons. Several hundred patrons are expected to attend the Maroon Jerk Festival in person, with many more checking out the festival worldwide through our mass media partners and social media platforms.

Become a Sponser

We invite local, regional, national, and international companies, organizations, agencies, groups, and individuals to become sponsors and partners of the festival. Title and Presenting Sponsor opportunities are also available. Depending on your sponsorship level, your organizational logos will be displayed on the Maroon Jerk Fest website and social media sites, as well as banners prominently placed at the festival venues, digital and print media such as flyers and posters. We will include your support in our press releases, social and mass media campaigns and appearances, and email blasts. Additional benefits of sponsorship of the Maroon Jerk Fest may include booth space, VIP, and general tickets, on-stage mention of your company or brand, brief on-stage speech given by your company representative, product giveaways, special events (such as Jerk tastings, film screenings, small group performances) invitations, Maroon Jerk Fest apparel with Sponsor logos.


Your sponsorship of the Maroon Jerk Fest will help to make the festival a success. Our success means providing jobs for Maroons in our own communities, helping to bring awareness about safeguarding our natural environment, and reviving and sustaining Maroon culture, such as our music, language, arts and crafts, that are under serious peril of being lost due to multiple factors.


To inquire about becoming a sponsor, please email us at (please put “Sponsor” in the subject line), DM us on Instagram @maroonjerkfest, or call Katawud Village (our parent company) at 876-565-7900. You may also fill out the Sponsorship form.

Thanks for submitting!

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