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The Maroon Jerk Fest will be hosted at Katawud Village in Ginger House in the Upper Rio Grande Valley, located 12 miles from Port Antonio. Street signs for Katawud Village and the Maroon Jerk Festival can be found at major intersections along the route. The Google Maps pin for Katawud Village can be found below.


Please be alert and pay attention as you drive along the rugged, mountainous road from Port Antonio through the Rio Grande Valley up to the Maroon Jerk Fest venues.

Transportation & Parking

Details about parking sties for the Maroon Jerk Fest will be released closer to the festival date.

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The Maroon Jerk Fest takes place in Ginger House in the Upper Rio Grande Valley in Portland parish, Jamaica. As the name suggests, the Rio Grande Valley is an area that has lots of rivers, as well as streams, and scores of waterfalls of varying sizes. This is why it has the highest amount of rainfall in Jamaica, and one of the highest in the world. This means that it is likely to rain during the Maroon Jerk Fest. We therefore advise that you take rain boots, raincoats, ponchos, or umbrellas with you.


While Maroon communities are the safest in Jamaica, the Port Antonio and Comfort Castle Police Stations (Jamaica Constabulary Force) will be on hand throughout the Maroon Jerk Festival to serve and protect visitors.

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